Episode 6 – All about breastfeeding with Dr Jack Newman and Taya Griffen

In this mind-blowing sixth episode of Moms That Say F*ck, Alana and Dina sit down with Dr. Jack Newman and Taya Griffen. Jack the founder and first pediatrician of the International Breastfeeding Centre. He has been helping breastfeeding mothers and babies for over 38 years. He is an author of the definitive book on breastfeeding called Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding: Empowering Parents.

Taya has been obsessed with all things baby since she was a young girl. She is in awe of the capability of a woman’s body as she moves through pregnancy, birth and the discovery of her unique mothering instincts. In 2011 Taya graduated from the International Breastfeeding Centre / Newman Breastfeeding Clinic’s Lactation Medicine Program. During her education, she achieved over 700 hours of clinical experience and worked as an intern directly under Dr. Jack Newman and Edith Kernerman.

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