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Dina Kulik

Dina Kulik is a wife, mother, paediatrician and emergency medicine doctor. She lives in Toronto, Ontario and is surrounded by testosterone with a husband, four sons (under the age of 7) and two male dogs.

Dina is a spin fanatic and adrenaline junky, needing constant stimulation to keep from getting bored (maybe that’s where the kids get it from?). Organized chaos is how she thrives. Sound familiar parents?

Check out Dr. Dina’s 2 websites;
– Her kids-health blog at DrDina.ca
– The pediatric medical clinic she founded at Kidcrew.com

She is eager to share practical and fun “kids health” advice & knowledge, and posts new information regularly.

Dr Dina is hoping to get the conversation going on all things related to children’s health and a healthy lifestyle. From breastfeeding challenges to solid food introduction to managing night terrors, Dina has been through it all, both personally and professionally.

Raising healthy, adaptable children is a challenge. No one does perfectly and no one comes out unscathed. Survival is the goal most days! Let’s chat and make it just a little bit easier with tips and tricks for parenting.

Dina’s two websites for all things ‘kids health’: DrDina.ca, Kidcrew.com

Twitter: @DrDinaKulik
Facebook: Dr Dina Kulik

Alana Kayfetz:

Tech community builder by day, founder of the momsTO movement by night!

Alana is the Director of TechTO, TechVancouver and TechWaterloo; the largest Canadian ecosystem and community for tech founders and enthusiasts.

Alana is the ultimate community builder, connector and networking maven; she loves to bridge people to one another. She is a seasoned events and marketing professional with years of experience under her belt planning complex events for start ups, corporate and not for profit organizations. Alana has an expertise in marketing events Xoxoxo and creating programming content that speaks to the millennial demographic.

After having her first child, Alana looked for ways to connect with other moms and didnt exactly find something her speed. Alana began hosting events first in her house, and then around Toronto in various restaurants and cafes. Eventually, Alana started running monthly mommy day time socials and get-aways to Prince Edward County Wine country. Before she even realized, momsTO was born- reinventing maternity and motherhood forever.

In her spare time, she raises a little human and has another one on the way.

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